NEW Change Horizons

We are now migrated and have a lot of cool features to offer that we will be rolling out in coming weeks. The big one is services – whats that means is we can setup one, two, or three HECK! thousands of servers with whatever operating system or application. In fact this model is so diverse that we will soon have a custom project type that you pay for by hour just like the cloud per month flat fee (complicated billing bye bye). We are not stopping there if you go over your bandwidth or usage you will not be billed for it. YES! you get locked in at a monthly price for the size of resource you use and that’s it.

Its kind of refreshing to think about. You can use your server for whatever you want on an extreme basis or not and you only ever pay one rate no overage. Lets pretend you are a hardcore gamer and you need 16 high frequency servers (lots of RAM) this weekend for some tournament and then you don’t need them after that – that is something we can do for you. Yes, you can do that at some game-host service provider and with less set up I am just using that as an example. That’s just the tip of the ice-burg. Maybe you want your own server for whatever we can set up a whatever-server for you or even a whatever service; the best part is you can get help and do not have to figure out this all alone. More to come!

This is about to BLAST! off and its exciting.

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