CPanel prices RISE!

Long story shorter – CPanel is much more expensive.

To show the impact, I will give a specific (real life) example. Before this price increase, people were paying $200/yr directly to cPanel for unlimited accounts on a virtualized cloud instance. With the new pricing model, cPanel’s list pricing for the base license is $45/mo, but is limited to 100 accounts, with additional accounts being $0.20 a month each. Now, this company has 1400 accounts on that one instance, as they’re a lot of small, static sites or simple DNS hosting. That means their monthly bill is now $45 + ($0.20 x 1300 additional account) = $305/mo. Their price is increasing from $200/yr to $3660/yr, a 1730% price increase. Many companies simply cannot survive price increases like that, so they need to look for alternatives.

CPanel also said “sorry” at least they knew it was a huge issue for this kind of price hike. They also revised the price model slightly but it’s still not enough we don’t think.

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